C3 rolls up success in the Fox Cities

C3 rolls up success in the Fox Cities

C3 was founded 23 years ago as an engineering firm, doing integration services mainly in the paper industry. Already heavily exposed to high-tech automation, during the downturn of paper C3 was able bring similar kinds of automation into the foam & mattress industry. In 2000 C3 added a mechanical staff and went from being an integrator to an equipment manufacturer, integrator and software company for manufacturing.

C3 is known for compression packaging equipment. If anyone buys a bed in a box or a bed rolled up in a retail store, there is a good chance C3’s equipment was involved in the process. They currently work with some of the largest foamers and mattress manufacturers in the world. C3 equipment is involved from packaging, assembly and material handling, to lamination of foam products or mattresses.

In 2016 C3 hit a wall with their current facility capacity. They needed additional manufacturing capacity, office space and storage space. Lead times grew to a point where they felt uncomfortable, and didn’t have enough space to house the parts and the number of machines being built. Mark DesJardin, the head of Business Development at C3 says “We had to find the right partners to work with, to be able to come up with the best environmental design to achieve the manufacturing throughput goals we needed. The Fox Cities Partnership is a HUGE help in aligning key partners within the Fox Cities to get the job done.”

C3 is currently making significant strides in selling consumables around their machines. C3 has partnered with film manufacturers to develop and distribute the unique films used by their roll packing equipment. Already in 2017 they’re making an impact to the international market with machines being installed in Europe and the Asia Pacific markets. C3 is currently expanding its teams by hiring Electrical Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Electrical Technicians, Field Service Technicians, Mechanical Assemblers, Customer Service and Sales. “We’re basically looking for all the people,” said DesJardin. “Over the next few years, we have a line of products that we’ll continue to launch around our equipment. The excitement is in seeing the evolving company. We’re going to bring our products and services into other industries, with the similar needs to foam and urethane.”

C3 is also concerned with the helping the community it has been so successful in. DesJardin explained, “With our connections in the mattress industry we saw an amazing opportunity to work within the community and give back. We created a long-term partnership with Harbor House assisting them with their mattress and bedding needs. This is something as company we find extremely important. Our clients have loved helping us, and it aligns well with the thumbprint of our company. As a business, we see a larger value outside of a monetary gift, but how we can work with others to deliver something as powerful as a good night sleep. This has brought our clients closer, our teams closer, and we know it helps those in need.”

For more information on C3, please visit: c3ingenuity.com