Get Noticed on the Supply Chain Marketplace

Get Noticed on the Supply Chain Marketplace

Projected to make over a billion dollars* in Wisconsin sourced supplier purchases annually, Foxconn would have a tremendous impact on the economy of the entire State of Wisconsin—including right here in the Fox Cities!

A great way to ensure that your company’s goods and services are made available to Foxconn, as well as hundreds of other companies’ purchasing managers, is to enter your company profile into The NEW North’s Supply Chain Marketplace directory.

New North is a partner organization to Fox Cities Regional Partnership and is leading a strategic market-supplier effort to introduce manufacturers to new market opportunities. The objective is to expand market exposure and diversify customer mix to current defense suppliers–and participation is free!

 Supply Chain Marketplace Directories: 

  • Highlight company capabilities
  • Are searchable via keywords and categories
  • Are a connecting interface for business-to-business transactions
  • Organize suppliers for new go-to-market opportunities
  • Make locating suppliers as easy as entering a few key strokes

Consider taking a few minutes to fill out your company profile and check out the suppliers that are currently listed! Purchasing locally helps the Fox Cities’ economy and benefits your business through shorter lead times and a greater ability for quality control. Targeted industry supply chains include: Aviation and Aerospace, Energy Systems, Food and Beverage, Water, Defense, and Marine manufacturing.

Supply Chain Flyer

* based on Ernst & Young estimates.