Info for employees

The Fox Cities Region appeals to those who want it all – easy living with a short (or no) drive to work, opportunities to further their career and make a community impact, and lots of options for fun and fulfillment when they’re off the clock. The Fox Cities offer:

  • Small-town friendliness
  • Four seasons of natural beauty and outdoor activity with plenty of water access
  • Access to premier healthcare 
  • A thriving art scene including Broadway shows at the Fox Cities Performing Arts Center, Mile of Music and more
  • Diverse food offerings that cater to almost any hankering
  • Safe neighborhoods and affordable living that puts owning a home within reach. Or choose from a variety of rental options if you’d rather leave maintenance to someone else.
  • A life of balance that allows for fulfilling work and fulfilling play, be it through volunteer organizations or hobbies.

Each Fox Cities community has its own appeal. Read more about each here.