Low Crime is a Big Asset in the Fox Cities


In economic development, we understand that a reasonable standard of living (which includes safety) in a given area is extremely important.  In fact, a low crime rate is consistently ranked amongst the top “quality of life” factors used when making location decisions. The safety of family, coworkers, and employees is very often thought more critical than other factors; such as housing cost and availability, healthcare facilities, ratings of public schools and climate.

Every summer FBI.gov publishes the UCR files (UCR = Uniform Crime Reporting).  In these massive spreadsheets, the FBI collects, publishes and archives arrest rates for many offenses, generally categorized by “violent crime” and “property crime”. At the Fox Cities Regional Partnership, we use the UCR to help tell the story of the Fox Cities–and especially the extremely low crime that we experience here.

all info from FBI.gov UCR 2013 (latest available)

At the Fox Cities Regional Partnership, we research large amounts of data about the region and make that information available to area businesses, free of charge.  If you have any data requests or questions, please contact Beth Pritzl, Director of Research and Technology.