McMAHON Group’s IPR helps solve infrastructure challenges

Are Public-Private Partnerships the key to solving municipal infrastructure challenges? A new company within the McMAHON Group, Integrated Public Resources (IPR), believes so and has a unique formula to make it happen.

McMAHON and its affiliates have been supplying innovative and cost-effective solutions to numerous organizations since 1909. To enhance their service offerings, they have established IPR as a vehicle for providing Public/Private Partnerships (also known as a P3) for a vast array of projects for small to medium-sized communities. Not only can IPR keep overhead low by using the services available within the McMahon Group; which include Civil, Environmental, Water/Wastewater, and Architecture to name a few, but by also partnering with local companies like Baker Tilly for financing and Herrling Clark for legal expertise.

IPR’s impact isn’t limited to just financing capital projects. It can also extend to owning and operating infrastructure like a wastewater treatment plant; for example, a municipality can leverage their current plant through IPR, and IPR will own, operate, and maintain the assets, while providing a very high-quality level of service to that municipality. By releasing built-up equity in a plant, it frees up capital to address other municipal infrastructure needs (lateral transfer of assets).

The Fox Cities Regional Partnership is working with IPR to help spread the word about this new economic development endeavor, as well as working on the early stages of planning for a new customized training program for engineering and operating professionals.

“Many governing bodies are looking for alternative and innovative ways to pay for and manage their infrastructure investment. We created IPR as another tool for our clients to use as they see fit. It is a very interchangeable tool that can be customized for each individual client. We appreciate The Fox Cities Regional Partnership’s help in rolling out our company and putting us in contact with people who we can partner with.” – TJ Lamers, Integrated Public Resources (IPR) Program Manager

Visit IPR’s webpage to find out more information about this company and help us thank them for their ongoing investment in the Fox Cities region.