Project Process Map Defined with Investor Input

As a public-private organization, it is crucial for the Fox Cities Regional Partnership (FCRP) to engage our local government partners in our daily activities and strategic planning processes.  Public sector investors and non-investors alike play an important role in carrying out FCRP’s mission to help attract, retain and grow jobs in our region.    

One of the ways in which FCRP sought to keep the communication channels open and further strengthen our partnership with the public sector, is by mapping out the series of steps that FCRP follows when a business expansion or attraction “lead” enters our “pipeline.”  These project leads include those generated directly from FCRP’s efforts, or any of our partner organizations.  They range from a local company looking to grow their operation within the region (business retention/expansion), to a brand new business interested in doing business here (business attraction). 

While the business expansion/attraction process is one that is driven by the client – meaning, the business keeping/adding jobs in our region – we value our partners’ feedback on how we can collaborate to make sure that we put our region’s best foot forward.  It is nearly impossible to truly standardize a process of this type and plan for every possible scenario, as every project is different.  At the same time, it is crucial that all the partners involved are on the same page in terms of roles, responsibilities and expectations.