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The Fox Cities is one of the largest and fastest-growing urban centers in Wisconsin. But don’t just take our word for it. The Fox Cities Chamber Economic Prosperity Overview tells the story of our ongoing growth and prosperity. 

Why the Fox Cities

The formula for business success is about having the right site(s)/building and the right people inside them. The Fox Cities Region delivers.

  • The right location: 500+ available sites and buildings in the Fox Cities Region
  • The right people: Talent attraction and retention is front and center. Fortunately, the Fox Cities Region virtually sells itself.
  • The right information: We provide the data you need to make informed decisions.
  • The right connections: From talent recruitment and retention to dealing with other economic issues, we connect you to the right people.

Thinking of moving to the Fox Cities?

Try our 'Cost of Living' Calculator!

The Cost of Living Calculator tool helps individuals and families compare the cost of living in the Fox Cities region with other U.S. communities.

The cost of living describes the amount of money needed to cover basic living expenses such as housing, groceries, transportation, health care, and miscellaneous goods and services.

733,000 population

404,000 workforce

90% high school graduation rate

Innovator Level Investors

We are a hotbed of industry, known for our history in papermaking and printing. But Fox Cities businesses large and small run the gamut, from healthcare, to business services, to transportation and logistics and so much more. Our business community’s success is a reflection of our people, some of the hardest-working, innovative and productive people you’ll find anywhere.

We attract and retain both businesses and the people who make them a success. One significant way we do that: The Fox Cities Chamber’s Business Retention and Expansion program, a free, customized service to Fox Cities businesses. At its center is a focus on removing roadblocks, finding solutions and uncovering opportunities to help Fox Cities businesses thrive. 

Site selection

Site assistance & coordination

We work with companies to find properties that meet their needs and assist them throughout the process, including gathering data, coordinating visits and organizing meetings with potential partners and service providers.

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