Director, Existing Industry Services

Director, Existing Industry Services

September 9, 2015

Job Description: Director, Existing Industry Services

General Description:

Oversees the Regional Partnership’s program of work related to the retention and expansion of primary employers within the Fox Cities region, including business visitation program and associated data collection, entry and aggregation; and identification and coordination of available incentives for retention/expansion. Establishes and strengthens relationships with key leadership within the area’s primary employment base. Identifies companies at risk and those with growth opportunities. Coordinates, cultivates and manages relationships with public sector officials and staff members.

Reports to: Vice President, Economic Development

Specific Duties and Responsibilities:

1. In conjunction with the VP of Economic Development, establish program guidelines associated with a comprehensive industry retention program.

2. As the foundation for the Existing Industry program, conduct on-site interviews with senior decision makers of local primary employers for the purpose of building productive relationships, and identifying challenges and opportunities associated with doing business in the Fox Cities.

3. Assist in identifying prospective companies that existing employers would support attracting to the Fox Cities.

4. Construct and maintain a computerized data collection system that contains pertinent information gathered from the in-person interviews and allows for aggregation and trending.

5. Coordinate the program to utilize the time and talents of public and private sector partners in the visitation program.

6. Provide monthly activity reports and general trends identified to the Business Retention Committee.

7. Construct and maintain information on area business resources and incentives as leave-behind documents for area businesses.

8. Provide timely follow up for all questions, problems and concerns identified in industry interviews.

9. Identify companies at risk of closure or relocation out of the area. In conjunction with the VP of Economic Development, construct Red Teams comprised of appropriate public and/or private sector members to identify and implement strategies that might provide positive solutions for the company and maintain its presence in the Fox Cities area.

10. Maintain confidentiality of any information so requested by the company, including proprietary information regarding company finances, product development, etc.

11. With the permission of the company, provide timely communication to local public sector partners regarding problems, complaints and growth opportunities discussed in interviews.

To apply, please submit a resume and cover letter electronically by September 23, 2015 to:

Manny Vasquez
Vice President, Economic Development
Fox Cities Regional Partnership

Fox Cities Regional Partnership is the economic development division of the Fox Cities Chamber. It exists for the purpose of strengthening our local economy by supporting local job creation through the retention, expansion and attraction of primary employers. The Regional Partnership serves as the point of contact for local businesses seeking assistance with labor training, funding, government advocacy, building and land opportunities, research (including demographic and economic information) and other individual needs. The Regional Partnership serves the communities of Outagamie, Calumet and northern Winnebago Counties. For more information visit

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